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Dr. Jean Jones

Presenting Dr. Jean Jones


Dynamic and powerful minister. Visionary. Prophetic Teacher. Transformative Leader. These are among the mantles Christ has bestowed upon the life of Dr. Jean Jones.

Dr. Jean is a natural leader who possesses the innate ability to inspire others and lead them on the journey to uncovering and unlocking the potential for greatness that lies within them. Through her frank, no-nonsense style of ministering, she enthusiastically delivers the unadulterated Word of God with divine purpose by which lives are transformed and a sense of community is built. She is a mighty, anointed ambassador for Christ who is relentlessly passionate in the pursuit of gaining souls, teaching them that their true identity is in who Christ created them to be, and encouraging them to live victoriously by functioning in the fullness of His grace.

Dr. Jean is married, and with her husband Walter, she has one son, Kelvin. She possesses two advanced degrees in the field of Business/Finance, and she worked in the financial management arena for over two decades in state and local government. She also received her Doctorate degree in Ministry. As a licensed minister, she serves as an Elder on the Associate Ministers Team at her local church, Fellowship M.B. Church (Fellowship Chicago). A truly humble servant of the most High, the deep and abiding love for Christ she has exhibited throughout her life really underscores her dedication to kingdom service. She is ever-committed to expending her spiritual gifts and talents to aggressively evangelize, establish and oversee places of worship, train and equip ministry leaders and promote Christian doctrine.

Dr. Jean provides pastoral services and counseling, and administers the sacerdotal functions (weddings, including pre-marital counseling; baby dedications, funerals, including grief counseling; and baptisms). She also leads prayer counseling services through H.E.A.R.T. (Healing Every Area Releasing Toxins), which involves intensive healing and deliverance sessions.

Dr. Jean’s personal mantra: “Use my discernment and motivation through sharing information, inspiring, and edifying others to live a happy, healthy, and Holy life.  For the good of man but ALL for the Glory of God.”

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